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Where to eat during Pchum ben Days in Siem Reap

It Might Feel Like The City Has Shut Down For The Holidays, But Don’t Panic, We Have You Covered With These Great Places That Have Kept Open Their Doors.


Pchum Ben is much more than simply the time when all your favourite drinking spots inconveniently close for a week. It is a unique and very Cambodian festival.

The celebration dates back to the Angkorian era when the dominant religion was Animism. Since then it has incorporated touches of of influence from both Animism and Buddhism as a festival which reflects the Khmer tradition of respect for your ancestors.

The first 14 days of the festival are known as the observed celebration or Kan Ben. The 15th and final day is called Pchum Ben day and is the time where monks are given gifts and candles.

The monks then recite a prayer and it is on this night that the village comes together for the night of celebration. After they have of course, dealt with all those ravenous ghosts.

The festival is in part, a time to feed hungry ghosts.

Four types of ghost are at play here. The kind that eats pus and blood, the forever hot burning ghost, and the Pakrakteaktopak Chivi, who can receive food through the monks over the festival period.

The other ghosts must reduce their level of sin before they can receive food.

It is customary to offer the ghosts bey ben, balls of sticky rice and sesame that are laid out before dawn.

The ghosts with heavy sins are understood to not be able to receive food during the day. Bay ben is made from sticky rice and sesame with some adding coconut cream for flavour.

So… What Happens ?

Now you understand the festival, remember that is a very important time people for Khmer culture so be patient that our beloved little city comes to a temporary stand still.

Good news !!!!

During the ceremony, we are pleased to welcome you to L'Annexe French restaurant in Siem Reap,

Come celebrate with us Pchumben and discover our French menu in a warm atmosphere and in a tropical garden

Where to find us :

Come to vist the best French restaurant in Siem Reap

Opening hours :

Monday start 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Tuesday to Sunday start 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Book your table here :

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