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The restaurant 

- SiemReap city - Cambodia - L'Annexe French restaurant 

Welcome at L'Annexe French restaurant 

The epicenter of French cuisine in Siem Reap

The Annexe Restaurant in Siem-Reap is a place for those who are fond of  meat products. Beef tenderloin with Kampot pepper sauce, grilled sirloin, pork filet mignon, braised lamp’s rack and foie gras. The chief is giving a special attention to the best products selection to guarantee a real culinary experience to his clients.


A tasty wedding between the Cambodian friendliness and the French know-how, is what the creators of this little piece of paradise near the Angkor temples, achieved perfectly. The Annexe French Restaurant is the ideal place  to the high gastronomy lovers who are coming to Siem-Reap

For the fine connoisseurs of quality french tables, the Annexe French Restaurant is an excellent place to get out in Siem-Reap. In family, with friends, or for lovers, you will never be desappointed of their welcoming  nor of the dishes which are always prepared with great care and the love of cooking.

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