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in the heart of Angkor Wat

L'Annexe French restaurant is in the heart of the temples, if you are on the way from Angkor was come to taste the real and authentic French food at the best French restaurant in siem reap.

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Honor The Best French Chef of France MOF “Meilleur ouvrier de France By L’Annexe French restaurant S

Gilles Reinhardt, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004 It was around the age of six that Gille's passion for cooking was born. Alongside his mother, he makes the family menus in four hands, and naturally at the age of great choice of orientation, he enrolls the prestigious hotel school of Strasbourg, on his roadmap. Gilles traces his path, and joined at the end of his training "Le Fer Rouge", starred restaurant of Alsace, his native region. Gilles Reinhardt - Meilleur ouvrier de France en 2004 and Aziz The chef of L’Annexe #Frenchrestaurant in #Siemreap Cambodia Both come from Alsace - The legendary receipt of The CHEF Paul Bocuse "The ballotin of duck, rouennaise sauce" Our chef is surrounded by

On the way to the temples ...

The beautiful temple in Siemreap Pre Rup The Pre Rup was the state temple of King Rajendravarman II. It is a mountain temple build in the year 961, located just South of the large East baray and the East Mebon, another mountain temple build by Rajendravarman II just 9 years earlier. In the early 20th century the Pre Rup had been completely overgrown and covered with soil. The temple was excavated during the 1930’s by French conservators George Trouvé and Henri Marchal. Pre rup Temple Name : Pre Rup Date : 961 King : Rajendravarman II Location: South of the East baray About 6 kilometers East of Angkor Thom Nearby East Mebon Stepped pyramid rep

Tribute to a God of French gastronomy : JOEL ROBUCHON who left us on Monday 6 August 2018

Back on a lover of French cuisine JOEL ROBUCHON - The emblematic chef of French haute-cuisine, Joël Robuchon died on Monday, August 6th at the age of 73. It leaves a culinary heritage recognized around the world but also the memory of a demanding man and jealously keeping the secret on his business and his private life The most starred chef in the world, named "cook of the century" in 1990, Joël Robuchon died Monday at the age of 73, a few months after the disappearance of another monument of gastronomy, Paul Bocuse. The great French chef has succumbed to pancreatic cancer in Geneva, where he planned to open a restaurant, we learned from his friend, the food critic Gilles Pudlowski, confirmi

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